Why did we launch DogLog Premium?

DogLog was launched in 2018 as a family project to help us better coordinate the pet-related chores and activities we did every day. Our adorable dog, Joy, loved to trick us into double-feeding her. We knew there had to be a better way to coordinate her care. In the years since, we have worked hard to improve DogLog so that pets around the world are healthier and happier. Since launch, more than 60,000 pet owners have downloaded DogLog.

Who has access to DogLog Premium?

When you subscribe to DogLog Premium, all of your Packs have access to the premium features. Any other Pack members can also use the premium features.

What features are included in DogLog Premium?

All features that are included in the Premium version are highly requested by you, our users.

Which features will be added next?

  1. More charts and analytics. Additional data visualization features that help you figure out what time of day events usually occur, or when your pet will need to go potty next.
  2. Highly customizable logging. Create custom sections, delete default events, and add additional fields to each event so you can track your pet’s lives even more closely.
  3. Apple Watch Integration. Log events from your watch.
  4. Many more!

How do you get access to DogLog Premium?

Open DogLog and go to the Settings tab. Click on the DogLog Premium Features button and select if you prefer monthly or annual billing.

DogLog is a pet-care app that helps pet owners better track and coordinate their pet's activities and health. Www.doglogapp.com