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3 min readMay 23, 2021


Why did we launch DogLog Premium?

DogLog was launched in 2018 as a family project to help us better coordinate the pet-related chores and activities we did every day. Our adorable dog, Joy, loved to trick us into double-feeding her. We knew there had to be a better way to coordinate her care. In the years since, we have worked hard to improve DogLog so that pets around the world are healthier and happier. Since launch, more than 125,000 pet owners have downloaded DogLog.

DogLog is completely bootstrapped by our family as we believe a digital transformation to pet ownership and record-tracking will help pets live longer, healthier lives. To help us fund further development of new features, we launched the Premium version of DogLog.

Who has access to DogLog Premium?

When you subscribe to DogLog Premium, all of your Packs have access to the premium features. Any other Pack members can also use the premium features.

What features are included in DogLog Premium?

All features that are included in the Premium version are highly requested by you, our users.

  1. Exporting your data

You are able to email your pet’s data out of the app. This can be used to email health records to your vet, share training notes with your pet trainer, or to do additional analysis on the data to understand behavioral trends.

2. Track more than 3 pets in a Pack

You are able to track and analyze all of your pets’ data in one place, without having to switch between Packs.

3. Chart to see the common time of day activities occur

This chart allows you to understand what times of the day does a specific activity usually occur. For example, you can use it to predict when your dog will most likely need to go potty.

4. Log event duration and quantity

This will allow you to track the duration for events as well as add quantity, like the distance of a walk or the amount of food eaten.

5. Enhanced search and analytics

Conduct in-depth analysis of your pets’ data using additional reports and advanced search functionality.

6. Track vaccines & blood glucose

Track important medical events and vitals to ensure your dog stays in tip-top shape.

7. Enriched event details

Record important event details, like duration, quantity, medicine type, and stool quality so you keep your pup as healthy as can be.

Which features will be added next?

  1. More charts and analytics. Additional data visualization features that help you figure out what time of day events usually occur, or when your pet will need to go potty next.
  2. Highly customizable logging. Create custom sections, delete default events, and add additional fields to each event so you can track your pet’s lives even more closely.
  3. Apple Watch Integration. Log events from your watch.
  4. Many more!

How do you get access to DogLog Premium?

Open DogLog and go to the Settings tab. Click on the DogLog Premium Features button and select if you prefer monthly or annual billing.

If you have any questions about the new premium features or have feature requests, we would love to hear from you at

Last updated: January 2024



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