How to prepare your dog for your return to the office

dog in chair

Sheltering in place for the last year and a half means most of us have been spending less time outdoors for work and leisure. While many people were bored of being stuck at home, most dogs loved having their family around them all day long.

To help get your dog used to you being back in the office or spending more time out of the house, try our recommendations below:

1. Crate Training

Crates should be covered, like with a towel, so light and our movements don’t bother your pup. When you leave the house, make sure to leave the crate door open so your dog can go in there if they get anxious.

2. Exercise your dog before you leave

3. Associate your leaving with something positive

The dog only gets this bone with melted cheese when you leave the house. When you come home- take the bone and put it in the freezer immediately. The dog only ever gets this treat when you leave. The dog will associate you leaving with getting a high value special treat. It takes them hours to lick all the cheese out of the bone. Keeps the mind busy and the dog happy.

4. Put something that smells like you in their bed

5. Try CBD for your dog

6. Avoid getting excited when greeting your dog

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