Making sure your dog’s teeth stay healthy is an important part of their health regiment. Daily upkeep towards keeping their teeth clean will save you lots of money and worries as your dog gets older.

Want to ensure your pup’s mouth stays healthy and disease-free? Read our tips below.

We know, brushing teeth to keep them clean is not revolutionary, but many dog owners skip this because it’s difficult to keep their dog still. Working in a team of 2 can help keep the dog more secure while their teeth are cleaned. If your dog is a puppy, introduce teeth…

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Sheltering in place for the last year and a half means most of us have been spending less time outdoors for work and leisure. While many people were bored of being stuck at home, most dogs loved having their family around them all day long.

To help get your dog used to you being back in the office or spending more time out of the house, try our recommendations below:

Get your dog used to spending time in their crate so they have a safe den-like place to rest.

Summer means fun pool parties, picnics in the park, hot weather. As the temperatures rise, follow our tips to make sure your dog stays cool and comfortable:

  1. Walk and exercise your dog in the early morning or evenings to avoid the hottest times of the day (usually between 3 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. during the summer).
  2. Add ice to their water dish.
  3. Buy a shallow, wading pool for your pup so they have a place to chill out.
  4. Give your dog an ice pack or wet towel to lay on.
  5. Bring a collapsible water dish on your walks. Many of…

DogLog was launched in 2018 as a family project to help us better coordinate the pet-related chores and activities we did every day. Our adorable dog, Joy, loved to trick us into double-feeding her. We knew there had to be a better way to coordinate her care. In the years since, we have worked hard to improve DogLog so that pets around the world are healthier and happier. Since launch, more than 60,000 pet owners have downloaded DogLog.

DogLog is completely bootstrapped by our family as we believe a digital transformation to pet ownership and record-tracking will help pets live…

Spring is here which means longer and warmer days for fun in the sun with your dog. With the change of season, there are new dangers you need to keep in mind when walking and taking care of your pup.

Follow our tips for helping everyone in your family stay healthy and happy in the warm months.

Foxtails and burrs are the seeds of dry-weather plants that evolved to stick to animal hair. They can get stuck in your pet’s feet, nose, ears, eyes, and even in their skin. …

If you’ve been stuck at home with a puppy before they received all their vaccines, you know it takes a lot of work and patience. Your adorable dog turns into a little ball of energy that need to be constantly occupied so they don’t wreak havoc.

If you run out of ideas for how to keep your pup entertained, here is a list of fun activities and games you can do together.

  1. Hide and Seek: Great to play with two people when the puppy is young. You hide around the house and call the puppy by its name. Once the…

Ever wonder if what you’re eating is healthy for your pup too? Here is a list of snacks you should and shouldn’t give to your pet.

DO feed these to your pup:

  1. Fruit Popsicle. Put a couple pieces of small fruit in each hole of an ice cube tray. Then fill it with water and place in freezer. Fun for your dog and great treat for a hot day.
  2. Carrots, celery, and other crunchy vegetables. These are all great to clean their teeth naturally, while keeping them busy and munching. When giving veggie treats, always give in moderation as to not upset your dog’s stomach.
  3. Peanut…

Over the last couple decades, many pets went from being just an animal companion to being part of the family. With this increased display of affection, pet owners are spending more on their pets than ever before. This has caused many pets to be given more food and treats, and to spend more time lounging with the family at home.

All of these factors add up to pet obesity rates skyrocketing, putting our beloved pets in danger of contracting the same diseases that overweight humans experience. …

As the first month of the new year comes to an end, many of us are still feeling stuck in 2020 as lockdowns continue from last year’s life-changing pandemic.

For me, my labradoodle Cali (pictured below), has been a shining light in these challenging times to keep me entertained, comforted, and feeling loved.

And just like me, Cali has been going a little stir-crazy being stuck at home. That’s why I compiled this list of activities you can do to keep your dog occupied and happy.

  1. Buy Treat-Dispensing Toys — These fun kibble-dispensing toys keep your pets busy for some…

Adopting a puppy is an exciting time full of cuddles, adorable photos, and learning new habits. One aspect that’s not as glamorous is teaching your new pup that potty time should be done outside of the house. The best time to start potty training your puppy is as soon as they can go outside.

If you’re wondering “How do I house-train my dog?”, here are some tips to make the training easier for you and your new pet.

  1. Be patient and understand that your dog will have accidents as they are adjusting to living in your house. Don’t feel like…

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